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On-line Coface Business Reports: now available for 54 countries


  Coface, global Credit insurer and the leading Information provider in Central Europe, enhances its on-line offer on relevant and up-to-date information on buyers and their environment. The Business Reports will now be available for 54 countries ranging from the USA via Germany to Turkmenistan and Qatar.


  The Business Credit Reports of Coface are a comprehensive and flexible tool within credit risk management. They help to assess potential business partners and categorise customers based on their credit and payment history. Our Coface-ICON database provides direct online access to the international reports from 54 countries around the world – whennever you want.


  The layout is customized and delivery times uniform. Information on availability of financial data and research dates for online reports are provided as well. Furthermore it is possible to communicate directly with researchers.


  “We are now the only credit information provider offering online reports for 54 countries. This unique offer includes all European countries as well as Asia, the Middle East and the USA. Companies will benefit from the up-to-date information on their business partners”, underlines Ms Kompowska, Executive Manager Central Europe the strengths of these reports.

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