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Coface Serbia won Grand Prix 2016

CCIFS award

In the very strong competition for this year’s Grand Prix 2016, which is awarded by French Chamber of Commerce with the Embassy of France, in the category for socially responsible business we won this award for the Excellent SME project. The following companies participated with their projects: KPMG, LOREAL, LAFARGE, COFACE.

It is great honor to receive such a prestigious award. First of all, because it confirms that efforts and results of Coface Serbia employees are recognized. Furthermore, our pleasure is greater due to the fact that you have given us your support with your vote so we may continue our work and achieve even better results in future.

Our result is best illustrated with the international project Excellent SME. We have started it in all the countries of the region to improve business environment. In Serbia, our strategic partner for issuance of the certificates is Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Together with IT partner, company Connet, our aim is to certify and award the most successful micro, small and medium companies. Those companies that deserve such certification with their way of doing business.However, the key advantages do not affect only the owners of the Excellent SME certificates. The clients and business partners also have the advantages from this. Namely, we follow the owners of the certificates which confirm credit rating, increase the credibility with clients and business partners, while we simultaneously decrease the risk for the clients and enable them to make business decisions in faster, easier and more secure manner. In other words, we increase the transparency of the market and help doing business which is in compliance with European legislation.

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