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Best holders of the electronic certificate Excellent SME awarded for their results in 2015

Best holders of the electronic certificate Excellent SME awarded for their results in 2015

Coface Serbia, in cooperation with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and their strategic partners, awarded today the best holders of the electronic certificate Excellent SME in 2015.


According to CCIS, Coface, Axa Insurance and companies Air Serbia and Siemens, the best results in the last year were achieved by Kribone from Čačak, Princ Leather from Požega, Sigma from Kula, MetaData from Belgrade, Mlekara Moravica from Arilje, Kon-trans from Belgrade, Bio špajz from Belgrade, Excelsior from Belgrade, Rezervat Uvac from Uvac, Bel Medic General Hospital from Belgrade, Berar Studio from Novi Sad, Dubes from Belgrade and V-Tac from Belgrade.


The award ceremony was also attended by the Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, who pointed out that Serbia would have a bright future when SMEs start holding 50% of GDP, stressing that is a great success that they now create 30% of our GDP.


Only when small and medium enterprises start holding 50% of GDP will we know that we no longer depend on the giants of the past and present, but rather on a great number of people who care, who work, who are dedicated and responsible - said Vučić.


He said that the government will continue to support small and medium enterprises through soft loans and grants.


Reminding that this is the year of entrepreneurship, Vučić said that the government has set aside more money for those who are just entering the business, and that it assigned 50% of non-refundable aid for startups.


The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia Marko Čadež pointed to the fact that when we see a successful business we often forget that someone, at some point, took a very bold decision to start a new job.


In this regard, Čadež pointed out that, in creating a new business environment in Serbia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia was guided by the principle that one cannot perform today's job with yesterday's methods in the business of tomorrow.


According to him, Serbian entrepreneurs can find help in CCIS when it comes to legal issues, the relationship with the Government of Serbia, the placement in new markets, etc.


The director of Coface Serbia, the global leader in credit insurance, Đorđe Živanović pointed out that the company is working on creating a better business environment in Serbia, that it helps small and medium enterprises at all stages of their development, and that our country, as a candidate for EU membership, is a very important strategic market for this company.


- Through the services we provide, such as financial reports analysis, we want to send a strong message that Serbian companies that they can do business safely - said Živanović.


Information is power, as he emphasized, but knowing how to use it is even more powerful.


- Together we can do it, and you, Excellent SME certificate holders, are the example that this country is a country of successful business people - said Živanović.


In early 2016 there are 617 small and medium enterprises that are Excellent SME certificate holders, and they realized a total annual turnover of more than EUR 800 million and have a capital of EUR 140 million.


These companies generate nearly EUR 60 million of annual profit and employ around 13,000 people.

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