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Advertising which can be trusted - "Excellent SME" Serbia certificate


UWith the abundance of information on the Internet it is not easy to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant messages. From all this bustle of information and the daily bombardment by offers for different products and services, emerged the online certificate “Excellent SME” Serbia by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PKS), which facilitates the selection and evaluation of information validity.


Online certificate “Excellent SME” is a new approach to “advertising with credibility”. All successful Serbian medium, small and micro enterprises that want to demonstrate their results and business performance to potential partners and customers can apply for the license and the credibility is guaranteed by the publisher Chamber of Comerce and Industry of Serbia, rating company Coface Serbia and the renowned “SafeSigned” technology.


The first criterion for certification is that the company’s annual turnover is no less than RSD 4 million. The next step in certification is based on obtaining credit ratings and a report from Coface Serbia, which has over EUR 300 million insured sum in the Serbian economy alone, and is part of the global Coface Group, the third biggest credit insurance company in the world.


In addition to credit ratings, which is a result of the financial due diligence, solvency report also contains an assessment of the payment morale and risks of doing business with the company, showing possible insolvency over the next 12 months. Evaluation methodology is internationally recognized and comparable for companies from many countries around the world in accordance with Basel II.


Serbian companies that get credit ratings 6 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10, are eligible to receive a certificate of business success. Following this, on the website of the company, a quality mark is placed whose originality is guaranteed by “SafeSigned” technological solution which prevents copying “Excellent SME” certificates to fake websites. This technology reports to the owner of the original certificate of possible intrusions, attempts of copying the certificate and identity thefts. The American TRUSTe, EU Privacy Association, as well as British and American banks use “SafeSigned” technology for awarding their licenses.


- The validity of the certificate is based on continuous monitoring by Coface Serbia during the year, and if the company's solvency falls below the prescribed grade and negative changes in the business occur, such as, for example, blocking the company’s accounts, the certificate is revoked - says for “eKapija” Đorđe Živanović, managing director of Coface Serbia.


After a year of successful financial management, companies can extend the license.


- In the first two weeks, 160 medium, small and micro enterprises in Serbia got the “Excellent SME” certificate, and estimates are that more than 30,000 companies meet the criteria for obtaining credit ratings above 6 - Živanović added.



The price of the certificate 197 EUR with an additional 39 EUR for placing quality mark on the websites with other domains owned by the company. The certification procedure takes only three days. After getting a satisfactory rating the quality mark is placed on the website of the company thereby confirming that the website is owned by the company, but also that its business is successful.

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