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Debt Collection

Improve your cash flow with fast and professional collection procedures.

Four good reasons to choose debt collection:
  • debt collection at local and international level;
  • possibility of court or out-of-court debt collection;
  • enabling clients to focus on their primary activity;
  • close contact with debtors in all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

  Debt Collection is a key aspect of credit risk management. Large debts are a burden to liquidity. The debt collection services of Coface Serbia provide technical assistance based on many years of experience with both domestic and foreign creditors and debtors.


  Experts in charge of collection in Coface Central Europe group are skilled in knowing all about the business culture in Central and Eastern Europe and also the economic factors affecting the morale of payment. Coface processes the related lengthy and frustrating procedures, which allows companies to focus on their primary activities. Moreover, the involvement of a third person speeds up the entire process of collection.


  Our experts are supported by DCON, an online debt collection database and current information from ICON, a business information database.


  We help reduce risk, increase liquidity, improve cash flow and increase return on equity and thus provide our clients with a better credit rating.

Debt collection

  • vast network of domestic and foreign associates;
  • direct contact with debtors through associates of Coface Central Europe in all countries of Central and Eastern Europe;
  • standard collection measures include dunning service, telephone mediation, personal visits and negotiating the payment schedule.
  • legal advice and procedures by specialized internal lawyers or partner lawyers;
  • using an effective automated system to manage the debt collection;
  • electronic exchange of data between systems of our clients and the DCON database when dealing with large amounts of data.
  • local and international B2B and B2C collection of uncontested debts;
  • collection flow adjusted to debt type, as well as the characteristics of the debtor and the purchaser;
  • possibility of ordering, monitoring collection phases, review of progress reports and statistical information using online databases DCON.

DCON - online support to Coface in debt collection


  Our experts work with the help of our online debt collection database (DCON) and the latest information from our database (ICON), which includes more than 12 million companies from Central and Eastern Europe.

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