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Make informed business decisions with ICON

Benefit from our expertise and access our global and unique information network and risk analytics

From smart, global, unique data

Access Data

Benefit from our global information network and get instant insight on 200 million companies across195 countries. 
ICON is accessible 24/7, either on our platform or via API.
As leading credit insurer we rely only on authoritative and trustworthy data sources, including:
  • Governmental and public databases
  • Coface credit insurance payment experience
  • Selected credit bureaus and information partners
  • Open Data

To insight...

from data to insights
Get support from our experts in implementing the right risk management strategy, and take advantage of our expertise built on 75 years of experience in credit insurance:
  • Macro-economic insights from Coface economists
  • Micro-economic assessments by Coface underwriters and financial analysts
  • Credit score know-how from Coface data scientists

To business decisions

from insights to business decisions
Make smarter credit decisions with the help of our easy-to-use solutions. Rely on our opinion on your business partners, delivered in a range of products:

Where Icon can help you

Where icon can help you

At Coface, we favour quick, relevant decisions that will give you a competitive edge. With ICON, you can:

  • Identify and on-board new commercial partners,
  • Check a company’s financial health and learn about its payment history,
  • Gain a clear vision of companies' creditworthiness, with the possibility of continuous monitoring.
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