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Excellent SME


MARKET Benefits
  • Increased market transparency,
  • Promotion of good business practices,
  • A more secure business environment,
  • Compliance with the EU directives for promoting the success of small and medium-sized enterprises.

   In addition to the need to support SMEs the product was also developed to help businesses take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet.


   ICT already represents half of output growth in Europe, providing higher income return than other financial models. Approximately 40% of European citizens now buy goods and services online. One of the goals of the EU is to double this percentage by 2015. The economy of the future is digital and SMEs are well placed to utilize the Internet to realize their growth potential.

Excellent SME


  Internet opens up a growing number of job opportunities and has an unstoppable growth and, therefore, should be directed at e-business. This includes the presentation of companies online. But how to distinguish good companies from those less good in the electronic world?


The solution is website certificate »Excellent Small and Medium Enterprise – Excellent SME Serbia«, issued by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.


Customers and business partners of the certificate holder receive:

  • greater operations security,
  • greater confidence,
  • easier and faster business decisions with less risk.

The certificate holder receives:

  • clearly marked with good solvency of the company,
  • higher credibility in the eyes of the parties and business partners,
  • technical copy protection of a quality label to other sites.


  The certificate is issued if the company meets the criteria. The first condition is the annual turnover of 4,000,000 RSD or more. The following methodology is based on the credit ratings of 6 or more and solvency report of the recognized credit rating company COFACE.


  Credit rating is the result of financial analysis of the company’s activities. Solvency report also contains an assessment of the payment morale and risks of doing business with the company, showing the possible insolvency over the next 12 months. The validity of the certificate is based on continuous monitoring of credit rating company COFACE. Constant monitoring of the company’s business provides its exemplary credibility, both in domestic and international business environment.


Certificate »Excellent SME Serbia« is valid for one year, unless in the meantime the company's solvency falls below the specified rating.


  Online certificates »Excellent SME Serbia« are supported by the proven internet SafeSigned™ technology that prevents copying your quality label to other sites. Serbian Chamber of Commerce has been applying this technology for several years, and it is also used by several EU institutions, as well as a number of companies on the Internet.


The certificate has two forms:

  • Classic, that can be placed anywhere on the website;
  • Hovering, which should always be placed over the website, at the bottom right corner of the web browser.
Excellent SME Certifikat

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