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Cross Border Network

Check the links between companies and persons with the cross border network

 Discover the most important domestic and international business connections via our unique CROSS BORDER NETWORK SOLUTION

You need to check out the connections between your company and your partner within CEE region and even at an international level? Then Coface Cross Border Network is what you need.

Go to the online platform InfoICON and find the links between companies and persons with the Cross Border Network.

This application shows all relation between all positions registered in our region (e.g. companies, shareholders, subsidiaries, owners, managers).  Easy to understand, this interactive application provides useful background company information, their risk level and sales potential.

Check the links between companies and persons with the cross border network

Cross Border Network

Company information available with the Cross Boarder Network:

  • Searching possibility in CEE region
  • Displaying the company’s and individual’s connections not only domestic but even international level
  • Active and/or ceased companies and individuals linked to the selected company on domestic and international level
  • Links of all owners and managers (including individuals) of the company to other companies
  • List of companies related to the selected individual
  • Display the risk category and other key data of the linked companies

Your benefits at a glance

  • Coverage: biggest database in Central and Eastern Europe with 34 million companies
  • Cross border: including data inside of CEE region
  • Instant access: easy online access on our application InfoICON
  • Interactive: via our intuitive graphical interface
  • Usability: interactive tool with unlimited possibility
  • Transparency: number of companies according to the filters you set is shown during selection as-you-type
  • 24/7 availability: whenever and wherever you want

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