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  Preventing the risk of default begins with collecting the latest relevant information about customers and their environment. The analysis of this information helps in the decision making process. Our services include generating business information from raw data to make recommendations concerning risk-taking. In the context of risk management we rely on strong global network to gather and analyze business information whose productivity is contributed by members of the Coface Partners network by updating our database in real time. 
  Analyzing and gathering information is displayed in the form of a report, a summary of the risk at individual and global level as well as various recommendations regarding risk-taking. In addition to our services related to credit risk assessment, you can manage sales development in the best possible way.
 In Central Europe this global service line is complemented by a large number of products related to business information intended for companies that do not have credit insurance. 
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The business world is a constantly changing place. Current information are the basis for secure business decisions, whether it is a warning for new opportunities or increase of the credit line for the customer.

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You need to check out the connections between your company and your partner within CEE region and even at an international level? Then Coface Cross Border Network is what you need.

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