About Coface

Our Mission

Coface - a strong partner in risk management


of businesses are faced with unpaid receivables.


Whether SMEs or major corporate groups, Coface is there by their side the world over.


In What role ?

That of adviser and guide, supporting them and securing their transactions by protecting them against the risk of their clients defaulting. 


of these unpaid invoices to filings for insolvency

For our clients, choosing Coface means lining up the odds on their side for taking the right decisions and optimising their chances of success by protecting against the financial risks inherent in their business as early as possible. 

Katarzyna Kompowska

"Our primary goal is to offer our customers tailor-made and innovative solutions for the entire life-cycle of a company through a strategic combination of our risk management tools. As a risk management expert, we are well aware of our responsibility toward our customers and partners. For this reason, we - together with our qualified employees - place special value on continuous optimization of our offer.


The development of our products and our strategic growth in Central and Eastern Europe strengthens our knowledge and expertice - to the benefit of our customers."


Katarzyna Kompowska, Country Manager Austria

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